LVS is here to help. Contact us to get your issue resolved.

Contact your local LVS facility and inform them that you have a possible warranty issue to be resolved. See our facilities page to find contact information for the location nearest you.

You will be asked to provide a summary of the issue, LVS valve information collected from the I.D. tag (RN #, size/class, etc), where the valve is located, and your required solution time frame.

From the onset of the contact regarding the issue, LVS will discuss and review possible scenarios amongst our management and service departments to decide upon the best solution. It could be either the dispatch of a competent and reliable field service technician to evaluate and possibly troubleshoot the valve as it is on site or we may choose to provide a replacement unit for the existing item.

For all field serviceable scenarios, the technician will perform a thorough assessment by documenting the issue, detailing steps to resolve, and even taking pictures to coincide with the results.

If a replacement unit is required we will require that the existing item is returned to our facility for a full evaluation once it has been swapped out. Our Quality Department employees with work closely with our valve specific technicians to analyze & examine the piece to determine the root cause of problem. We will create a formal report listing all elements of our findings and provide to the customer for review.

Any potential incurred costs will be discussed with the customer at the completion of the solution.

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